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Richard Felix has been haunted by ghosts since the age of four, but he does not see dead people. He is frightened of ghosts! He still is .So what makes a man who is so frightened of ghosts look for them.

Richards’ passion for life has always been history, especially military history with a special interest in disasters e.g. The Charge of the Light Brigade, The Alamo, Custers Last Stand, and the Titanic. Richard is a great believer that ghosts and history go together and firmly believes that ghosts exist—he has seen one, heard one, travelled with one, but still remains firmly on the fence and remains sceptical about most ghostly occurrences. At least eight out of ten can be explained, it is the remaining two you need to worry about.

In 1992 Richard opened The Derby Heritage Centre. (a Tudor Grammar School) with ghosts and thus started the origins of the now world famous Derby Ghost Walk.

Richard specialises in ghost tours around the U.K. and Ireland and has personally taken in excess of a quarter of a million people on a ghost tour.

Fifteen years ago he opened the haunted Derby Gaol; scene of the last Hanging and beheading with an axe in England.

Many years ago he embarked on the Ghost Tour of Great Britain. Visiting every county and recorded onto D.V.D’s their haunted tales. Richard has now created over fifty of these D.V.D’s The success of these has resulted in them being put into book format which are selling throughout Great Britain.

The knowledge and expertise gathered by Richard over many years drew him to the attention of the T.V. and radio media and he has appeared on many paranormal programmes. Four years ago he became the Paranormal Historian on the world acclaimed T.V. programme Most Haunted.—he has now completed ninety nine programmes (six in America) and twenty lives.

Richard’s new book “What is a ghost” is very controversial and deals with the realities of ghosts rather than the Scooby Doo side of things.

So, be prepared to hide behind the sofa, as we open the FeliX Files, the on demand Internet Television Station .

“Settle back, turn down the lights, give me your full attention and let me take you on a tour…”

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